The Right Product For Every Message.

Make an effective impression on our audience, no matter what channel.


Engage with your audience in the medium they were born with. Our digital products offer brand new ways to communicate with students.


Our website is the center of our operation. Constantly updated with news and content, our audience knows that it’s where to go for breaking news and information.

$26 CPM


Meet customer eyes right at the top of the page with a custom banner. Best for events special offers, and text-heavy ads

728 x 90 px
$26 CPM

Big Box

Show off products, apartment amenities retail locations, and more with a size perfect for image or graphic-heavy ads. GIFs available

300 x 250 px
$26 CPM


See your advertisement run right below articles, in high traffic areas for our audience.

728 x 90 px
$26 CPM


Our phone app is our newest channel, with brand new ways to engage with students, rolling out in the fall.

Display Ads

Brand yourself with a Special Section of our print issue, filled with extra stories and exclusive content.

Deals Section

Add a business deal, coupon, or offer in a page of our app dedicated to student deals.

Sponsored Social Posts

Social media is the second largest news delivery method for our audience. Three different platforms available with distinct audiences.

$70 for a single platforms
$140 for two platforms
$160 for three platforms

Personal Campaigns

Have one of our trained staff take over your social media

$250 for one account
$400 for two accounts                                                                   
$600 for three accounts.
All of those prices are by the month.                                     


Instagram is the most popular social media platform for students. Run a photo, animation or video (up to 10 seconds) with an accompanying caption. Submit your own or have our in-house creative team design one for you.

Instagram Stories
A twice weekly news brief that maintains excellent viewership and retention

$500 per month


@KansanNews boasts our largest following on social media with a diverse audience from the KU community. You can reach the widest audience via photo or video with a caption and clickable link.


Most popular with our alumni audience.

On Campus

With nearly 25,000 students physically attending, on campus advertising is a great way to get your products in front of our audience.  


Put your product in a position for one-on-one conversations with our audience.


Hand designed artwork in highly trafficked areas, sure to draw attention.


Elevator Wraps

Find yourself on display right before our audiences' eyes.

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